You like my pictures? Awesome! You want to show them to others? Cool! Please be fair and give credit.

Social media

Want to use a photo of yourself as a profile picture? Or just share it so all your friends can see how much fun this swing dancing thing is?

You can give credit either by tagging me (Dorothea Hoff) in the picture itself or a comment, or you can link to this website. Note that even if you use one of the pictures I post directly on facebook, if you set it as your profile picture it will not connect back to my original post so please add a comment.

Online - others

Add a link to this site somewhere in the vicinity of the image.

Example: photo credit: Dorothea Hoff

Offline - personal

Are you giving your family members a photo book of you because they don't remember what you look like with all of the traveling to dance events? Making a present for a friend?

Go ahead! If anyone asks who took those amazing pictures, refer them to this site and say thanks from me.

Offline - commercial

Please contact me. Keep in mind that for commercial use you also need to obtain permission from the people in the picture.


You probably guessed it... contact me.